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Why keeping an active termite management system is critical - Quarter 2, 2016

We have all heard the terms termite barrier but what exactly is a termite barrier - there is a few different meanings for the saying termite barrier.

A lot of newer homes have what we call a physical termite barrier. This is a physical piece of material which is used during the house construction / renovation. The main reason for installing physical termite barriers is to minimise risk of concealed termite entry.

The form of termite barrier is for existing houses that have a liquid chemical treatment installed to the soil areas. The term barrier is not an accurate description but it is still a common term for the treatment. The way this system is imppemented is by water. Concentrated emulsion is diluted into water and sprayed around a buildings perimeter. This system is designed to complement existing systems that may already be installed around your home. And as a stand alone system for when no existing systems have been installed.

The most important thing to remember with any termite barrier and treatment is that no method or system is 100%. There is always a chance for termites to breach or bridge a termite treatment. This is why it is critical with termite systems to complete regular termite inspections. By completing regular checks termites will have shorter time periods between checks to complete any damage if they do get past your system.

Termite inspections are imperative to keeping any warranties active on your termite management systems. There are many physical termite barrier and liquid termite treatments on the market. Some of the well know brands of physical are kordon, termi mesh, termseal and home guard. Liquids are Termidor, Premise and Altriset.

There are some brilliant warranties and insurances on the market now for termites. The leading insurance for termites on the market is the Timber secure insurance policy which is a 100k termite damage cover. The best part about this poliy is that it has no excess and its a fault free cover. For further information on timber secure click here.

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